Rituals of Earth Sky Spirit

For your sacred altar, Spirit Feathers carry the smoke of purifying and smudging rituals... companions for crystals and collected treasures, objects of focus in meditation and prayer, enchantments for the gods & goddesses... created with gifts bestowed by nature and embellishments of many ancestral cultures and traditions, feathers are filaments that connect the realms of earth, sky, spirit.

The making of Spirit Feathers is a process of many days. It begins with the choosing of the feathers. Their curves are the compass that points a direction, the painter assembles the beguiling palette, the energy master awakens the sticks and stones, they become storytellers of lore and history, keepers of ancient rituals and traditions. Our rests hold Spirit Feathers in the best position for the natural curves of both feathers and antler tips. We select the stone or shard that partners best with your piece.