One of a Kind

Our work is one of a kind, especially components that are hand made, antique or ancient and we may never make or come across them again. Their age, history and our inspiration lead us to what their companion materials and finished style should look and feel like. For this reason our creations are ever changing and unique. New pieces are added to our collections as they are discovered or completed.

The Nature of Handmade

Hand made jewelry, fragments and antiquities do not look new, perfect or precisely symmetrical. We strive for an artisanal look that is never machined to precise, shiny perfection and we believe, devoid of character and individuality. We want to see and feel the spirit of things. We want our spirits to be at home in their company. 

Our Antiquities 

We are not experts in antiquities. We rely on information provided by our trading partners from many parts of the world as to provenance of our fragments, beads and objects. We do feel some expertise in what is beautiful, workable and meaningful and that is what we look for. Attraction is instant and with that, a relationship has already begun, inspiring our want to know more. We research materials and objects and share bits of their stories with you. We try not to go on but we do love history, anthropology and lore. Many objects bring our great dilemma; to clean or not to clean. This is tough. We want each and every piece to reveal their fullest beauty but we also respect centuries of patina and if removed, well it’s a long wait for more to form.

Images & Sizes

We make all efforts to give complete and informative images, descriptions and measurements for our collection pieces and ask that you read them carefully. Please refer to the measurements of each item as well as the detail photograph, keeping in mind that these closeups are not the actual size or way in which you will see these pieces.


We want you to experience the same joy that we feel when discovering or creating. If you are unsure about something that you see, please contact us before placing your order. We are more than happy to answer your questions and help you. Because of the nature of our collections, returns can only be considered on an individual basis after you have contacted us. If a return is granted, the item, all accompanying material and original packaging must be sent to us within 7 days in undamaged condition to receive a full refund. Shipping costs are not refunded. You will be responsible for return shipping and insurance for the full value.


Hand made items are least happy when their time is spent in the rigors of travel. We pack with great care, anticipating the known hazards but parcels can encounter a shipping mishap. If you receive a package that is damaged, please contact us immediately for instructions.

Our Materials & Repair

The variety of materials that we work with each make their own demands of how they can be finished, attached and presented. There are often no standard solutions and we must bring our other areas of experience into our thinking. We are always looking for new materials as we work with what is reliable, strong and able to help us achieve what we have envisioned. Antiquities should be treated with regard for their age. No material is without limitations and if there is breakage from everyday wear, please contact us. Not every component can be replaced, not every material is forgiving but we will do our best to make a repair.