Alexandria Economou


“Detoured from the expected path by serious medical concerns, I lived on the edge of the world around me.  In this place of otherness, I found the passageway to self discovery and the vast resources that lie within, waiting for their moments to be revealed. Early in life, I rose from my wheelchair to ride horses and in sharing their movement, I also found my courage. Horses were my teachers and healers. In the silence of our non-verbal communication, we spoke of intuition, fear, the wisdom of our ancestors… within the cracks and crevices of my life were my most important lessons, the meaning of endurance and the power of the moment that is the place of all potential.”

Alexandria is a para equestrian training in dressage, a certified animal assisted intervention professional from Oakland University, Usui Reiki Master working with horses and shares the way of the horse, ancestral wisdom and valuable lessons of non-predatory leadership. Continuing her work in Shamanism, sacred rituals and mind-body-spirit connectedness, she redefines the components of wholeness. She is a potter working with alternative firing, the creator of traditional percussion workshops for all ages and abilities and is a speaker on the disability experience. A good part of Alex’s time is spent in the saddle and in the company of horses.

Stephan Economou


“Working with wood or stone for installations, you begin to understand that every piece created by nature has a unique story to tell and maybe, that is part of the attraction to it. When I select a piece of wood to work with, I am listening to that story.…”

A Parsons School of Design background and owner of a NYC design build company, his discerning eye for craftsmanship, the architecture of form, work materials, metals, architectural salvage and reclaimed wood are resurrected to find new life in creations that balance natural form and refinement. Behind the camera, he captures the power, spirit and allure of horse and rider, groomed for the show ring, galloping the polo fields, or roaming free. He casts light on images of the natural world and all that live within it, the grit that defines real beauty, what exists on the surface and what lies beneath it when all falls away.…. Stephan’s time away from work is spent in the company of horses.

Christina Ladas


“To create begins with imaginings but then you have to be lit. You travel a timeless inner landscape, not really knowing what you will stop to consider, what bends in the road will change your course, what you will bring to your work. All that you are, all that you know, all that you are becoming, layer upon layer waiting to take form. I am drawn to the beauty and craftsmanship of antiquities but more so, to the secrets they keep. The fragile threads that hold the past with my present are only visible in that firelight of inspiration. Working with what ancient hands have wrought defies linear time, we are there together, we are here together. I touch their spirits and know that the moon they gazed at is the same moon outside my studio window…we share that moment of wonder and then go back to our work, the creation of beauty with meaning.”
A graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Fine Arts, she is a working artist and designer for the international marketplace. Formal fine art studies, a career in art, design and product merge mediums, techniques, materials and disciplines with the vision of the designer, palette of the painter, and passions of the collector. Christina’s spare time is spent in the company of horses



Gentle, loving, enthusiastic greeter of all visitors. When not in the
studio napping or hoarding socks, she loves running in a
polo field with her horse and dog friends. 

The Studio

Woodland shadows, incense, puerh ginger tea, readings, rituals, drumming, music, our Studio Works are collected, found, inspired, imagined, created, built, shaped, assembled, treasured, experimented, rehearsed, stored and shipped from our Long Island Studio.