Traditional Percussion

Unlike playing a musical instrument that takes years of dedicated practice to master, traditional percussion instruments can be experienced immediately by all ages and abilities. The beat of a drum, the shake of a rattle, are rhythms as familiar to us as our own mother’s heart beat before our births, our own heart beat and the cycles of the natural world around us. With my collection of traditional percussion instruments, I provide a hands on experience and age appropriate cultural and historical context as we explore these enduring instruments, culminating in group play. This workshop can be customized for duration,  all ages and all abilities.

All can participate . No experience necessary. I provide all instruments.

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Giving Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that transfers life force energy from the giver to the receiver with the intention of calming, balancing and healing. The energy field surrounding all living things, whether viewed from a spiritual or scientific perspective, has been acknowledged by many cultures in their healing practices since the beginning of time. Animals have a keen sense of their environment and the energy within it. Animals have easily connected with me, sensing my non-predatory behavior and intentions. Through touch, body language and breath, I work with horses and dogs that can benefit from caring, relaxing energy that allows their release of tension and stress, the core components of all healing.

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